Terms & Conditions

  • As a user of the Financial Health Score system I as the user hereby confirms that the system is merely a financial wellness system which reflects and depicts my current financial wellbeing position as at date, reflecting my “liquidity” position based on certain budgetary information input by myself, which projections are merely an oversight of my current financial standing based on the information inserted by myself as the user, and such result is by no means a complete Financial Needs Analysis (FNA) of my needs and/or position in relation to Financial Planning from a Risk, Retirement, Short- Term, Savings, Investment, Business, Health and/or related financial planning point of view.
  • By accepting the terms, conditions and disclaimers contained herein, I confirm that I have consented to the information, and/or results contained in the system to be stored and/or processed by the system, system administrators and or related parties to the system (“the system”) for the purposes of ascertaining my financial wellness score.
  • I am aware that I have the right to “opt out” of the use of the system or to opt out from any invitation to access and/or engage in the system, after which all my information, whether personal or otherwise, shall immediately be deleted in its entirety from the system and/or any other platform on which such information may be stored and/or reflected in any manner whatsoever, upon such election to opt out.
  • All information furnished by myself, including my identity, shall be treated as strictly confidential. I agree by accepting these terms and conditions, I consent to voluntarily disclose confidential information, which confidentiality shall be protected and be confidential unless disclosure thereof is required by any law or court order, or unless such information becomes publicly available or known other than as a result my actions. In the event that the system is compelled to disclose confidential information by legal process, they will attempt to give me prior written notice.
  • I am furthermore aware that should I receive any invitation to use the system and determine my financial health score from any authorised Financial Services Provider (FSP), duly licenced and registered with the Financial Services Conduct Authority (FSCA), that such FSP may use such information for the purposes of rendering financial services upon my mandate being concluded with such FSP should I wish.
  • I confirm that the system is by no means an advice related system, and that I in no manner whatsoever rely on the result or information provided therein, as advice or intermediary services, which advice or intermediary services I should seek from an authorised and duly licenced Financial Advisor/ FSP.
  • Should I elect to conclude a mandate with any FSP for the provision of financial services based on the outcome of my Financial


Wellness Score depicted by the system, I am aware that such FSP will still need to determine my exact Financial Needs according to my mandate provided, which mandate may extend to the following:

  • Personal Risk Planning to ensure the adequate financial provision to meet my financial needs as well as those of my family and dependants in the event of death, disability, physical impairment and severe illness;
  • Business Financial Planning to ensure that my dependants are financially provided for and contingent liabilities be met in the event that my business partner/s should die, or become disabled;
  • Effective Estate Structuring, allowing my family to enjoy the maximum benefits from any assets during their/my lifetime and, after my death, to ensure that there is sufficient capital (cash) in order to meet the liquidity in my estate;
  • Retirement Planning to ensure that I am in a position to retire financially secured at the desired retirement date;
  • Investment Planning to assist me with an appropriate investment strategy to meet my investment needs, whether pre or post retirement;
  • Healthcare Planning to ensure adequate financial provision for myself and my dependants, to cover for certain health related needs, including but not limited to, day-to-day medical expenses, specific treatment and hospitalisation.
  • I acknowledge that it is my sole responsibility to seek any required financial advice based on my current financial position and/or needs and agree that the system is released of any responsibility whatsoever for:

• Any specific financial needs and/or any consequences resulting from the use of the system
• Any assumptions, rates and/or results provided by the system as a result of my use thereof.

  • I am aware that the system does not furnish financial advice/ intermediary services, actuarial, accounting, tax, legal or any other professional advice relating to my financial position and/or needs. I agree that my own mandated financial advisor/s, attorney/s, accountant/s, medical professional/s and/or other professional service providers shall be solely responsible for the accuracy of my financial position, needs and circumstances. I acknowledge that the system makes calculated evaluations based on the information inserted and using certain assumptions before calculating my Financial Wellness Score.


Fair Collection Notice

By acceptance of these terms and conditions, I consent to the collection, storage and processing of certain information I insert and complete on the system, for purposes of obtaining my Financial Wellness Score on the system.

This Fair Collections Notice (“Notice”) explains how the system, uses, discloses and/or otherwise processes personal information, which may include but not be limited to any personal, health and/or any related financial information.

I hereby consent to the processing, collation, storage and disclosure of the information contained in all sections of the system, for any purpose relating to the purpose of obtaining my financial wellness score and any additional information captured and/or provided by me for the purpose of: 

• Ascertaining my current Financial Wellness score
• Ascertaining my budgetary position
• Ascertaining my current liquidity position;

All private information will be treated as confidential by the system, and its authorised user(s) and may not be made public without my/our express written consent, or unless prescribed by law as indicated above.
Consent to share Financial Wellness Score / Outcome with Authorised financial Services Providers
By Accepting these terms and conditions, I authorise the system, upon my conclusion of written mandate, to share any captured information, results or any other information on the system (including my financial health information) with such mandated and authorised financial services provider.
I am aware that:

  • This Notice explains how the system, uses and discloses my personal information, as part of the system’s good business governance;
  • I have the right to request a personal copy of the information the system holds about me. To do this, I simply request and specify what information I would like. The System will take all reasonable steps to confirm my identity before providing details of my personal information;
  • Any such information request may be subject to a payment of a legally allowable fee in terms of the Promotion of Access to Information Act (PAIA), and the provisions of the PAIA conditions disclosed, enforced and implemented by the system from time to time;
  • Access to the system may be regulated by password and security measures with which I may need to comply;
  • I have the right to ask us to update, correct or delete my personal information. I may do this simply by contacting the system on the provided details, and am aware that certain such requests may be limited by prescribed legislative recorded keeping requirements;
  • The system may amend this Notice and/or any of its terms and conditions from time to time, without providing notification thereof.
  • Acceptance of these terms and conditions is a requirement for use of the system;
  • Where I act on behalf of a minor, incapacitated person or a person unable to act on their own, I confirm that I have the authority to do so.


Legal notice

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